The parents have popped out and left Lincoln Loud in charge! But with great power comes great responsibility….. Help Linc keep up with his sisters in this crazy mini-game mash-up!


The Brief

As top Nicktoons’ animation “The Loud House” got into the swing of its second season, Nickelodeon Digital UK wanted to commission an online set of mini-games to support the show and give fans a fun new way to interact with the property. With a directive to represent the high-energy, anarchic themes from the show, the actual direction of the games was left fairly open to ideas.


Our Response

We wanted to stay as true as possible to the feeling of the show, with the full intention of creating a quartet of mini-games that not only looked the part, but were brimming with the same attitude and humour of the series.

The creative premise we pitched is that Loud parents have gone out for a while and left Linc in charge of the house. He assumes this means that he has all the power, but his 10 sisters see an opportunity –  When the adults get back, it will be  Linc who will be held responsible if anything is awry, so his siblings proceed to make life as tough for him as possible! They throw as much dirty laundry at him as possible, start an all-out war with food in the kitchen, get him to take-out and tidy up an endless stream of their rubbish and all the while, the pet hamster Geo has his sights set on escape….

This concept laid the foundations for introducing new and unique gameplay types that tie into “The Loud House” world and stand out against the current gameplay offerings on the Nicktoons website, giving players something fresh and different to dive into!


The Challenges

Creating a divergent and unique set of mini-games that sit nicely within the classic rivalry narrative and house setting of the show, with a common overarching thread to tie it altogether:

Finding a way to fit all 10 sisters into the gameplay in a way that makes sense was definitely a challenge, but of the kind we like!

Making sure we faithfully translated both the art-style and the unique, snappy animation style of the show across to the game.


The Results

The narrative we came up with sits really well with the brand and allowed us to build in some great character dynamics as well as some really varied gameplay across the project. Hopefully, we’ve faithfully captured some of the chaos and mess of “The Loud House”

Once again, we’ve implemented a dual power-up system that gives players both an in-game and super powerful cross-game power up that they can earn to help them get ahead. The latter is really useful as it helps players, who are finding a particular game tricky, get ahead by using a power-up that they earned in a game they’re really good at; dynamically tailoring the gameplay difficulty for different players with varying skills across game-types.

We had a ton of fun building “The Loud House: Linc in Charge” and are really pleased with how it turned out. We hope fans of the show enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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