Blast through some mini-adventures with Miles and co in this Superstellar HTML5 teaser experience for Disney Junior.



The main aim for this HTML5 teaser experience was for players to get a low-barrier, high quality taste of Miles and the sort of gameplay they can expect form the fully fledged ‘Disney Play’ app available in the Apple and Android stores.

We wanted to make sure the short-but-sweet gameplay felt polished and quick to dive into whilst gently moving player in the direction of the full-fat native app experience that Disney had on offer.



As with any brand new to us, it was important to get the feel of the show coming across in the gameplay and presentation of the experience. We were also working with very limited assets so we needed to work within this constraint.

The ‘Clean the Stellosphere’ level involved bitmap-based masking which is only  possible with webGL. This runs slowly on older devices such as the iPad mini so we opted to reduce the bitmap sampling resolution used in the masking process, restoring performance back to a place where we were happy with it.



The end result presents the user with a linear carousel of levels which unlock as the player progresses. There are two different types of play which each have 2 different stages, making for 4 steps to get through, including scrubbing the Stellosphere spaceship clean and some drag and drop shape matching fun.

The game gently leads the user through the steps before presenting them with a link to the ‘Disney Play’ app which auto-detects their device and takes them to the appropriate app store.

In the end ‘Miles From Tomorrow performed’ well and we got some great feedback from Disney to that affect.

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