Legend of the Goblin King

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The Legend is Real.

Craig Kelsey & J.P. must face their deepest fears as they mount a rescue mission that takes them deeper into the creek than ever before. As the day wanes and the forest gets darker, imaginations run wild and every sound and shadow seems increasingly menacing…


Cartoon Network were looking to add another great game to their already strong collection of Craig of the Creek offerings. It needed to bring a fresh play-style or genre to the stable and encapsulate the core brand values of friendship, adventure and imaginative play to the target audience.

Our Response

We wanted to pitch something that felt completely different to any of the other games on the site and would be easy to get into and invest in for longer play sessions. As the gang regularly take part in role-playing, imagination-driven adventures, we thought it would be fun to have them battle all sorts of imagined, forest-based foes on a side scrolling fighting game with light RPG elements, to effect a rescue mission.

Inspired by the intuitive tap-and drag gameplay of the iOS classic ‘Battleheart’ we set about imagining how a game with this control system would look and feel for CotC.

The Challenges

Assets were a challenge on this game as there was a lot on unique content to create. None of the enemies existed within the show so we had to create them from scratch with a style that felt like it was part of the brand. We also had to draw the star characters in many unique poses in order to create the animations for special moves which could be fairly tricky to get right.

Game balancing was a challenge as there were a lot of variables to consider. The number of enemies, the aggression levels, the move sets of the heroes and the different strengths and weaknesses all had to be taken into account to ensure we delivered a challenging game that wasn’t too punishing. Plenty of play-testing was required!

The Results

The game takes place over 10 levels and features a whole host of enemy types, including killer bees, wolves, giant spiders and of course, goblins! As the levels progress the daylight wanes and the enemies get harder but fear not – the heroes are constantly picking up candy and XP that they can use to train at the end of each level for stat boosts, useful items and unlocking cool new special moves.

Players simply tap and drag to either move players or target enemies (or teammates when healing), using strategy and skill to position their team in the optimal way to face each group of attackers and manage their special move cooldowns, consumables and abilities as the fights progress. 

Craig is the team’s leader and also their healer. Kelsey is a fierce warrior, great for going on the offensive. and Dependable J.P is the team tank and steadfast defender. All three must be used to their fullest potential to conquer the game and ultimately defeat the Goblin King!

Should the heroes fall during one of the many battles or one of the two boss fights, the player still earns perma-XP which counts towards levelling up the heroes, incentivising having another go with improved stats. The game is now live in 20 languages across all the EMEA Cartoon Network websites.

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