About Us


Everyone at Peg is both creative and technical. No one works in isolation and everyone gets to see their projects through. This approach means we design a game, knowing from the outset how best to build it. Projects aren’t put on a conveyor belt to pass anonymously from person to person, we all get stuck in together. Like a great band, everyone here can play multiple instruments.

Simple & Direct

Everybody benefits from simplicity: the user, the client and ourselves. That’s why we keep things simple here. No corporate catchphrases and no account management teams between us and our clients. Just pick up the phone and talk directly to us. We also apply this thinking to our work; the best approach is often the simplest. 

Cutting Edge

In an extremely fast-changing industry, we make it our business to stay bang up to date with the latest tools, plugins, methods and tech to bring you the slickest, most sparking HTML5 experiences. And also because this type of thing fascinates us!


We’re clever enough to know that we don’t know everything. We know games, but no-one is going to know an audience or the ins-and-outs of a brand better than the client. When we work hand-in-hand with our clients and pool our knowledge together, we get the best results.

Working With Us...