Henry Danger - The Danger Trials

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Time to test your skills!

Help Henry prove to Captain Man that he’s got what it takes by putting him through four relentless challenges as he takes part in the fearsome Danger Trials!


Following on from the success of our previous Nickelodeon mini-game sets (The Loud House, Game Shakers, SpongeBob) Nickelodeon were interested in us working our magic with yet another one of their popular properties: the live-action ‘Henry Danger’. We were happy to oblige, especially for such a broad and open brief.

Our Response

We wanted to put the tension between the two main characters (super-hero ‘Captain Man’ and his sidekick ‘Henry Danger’) centre stage, with a premise that would involve Henry looking to prove himself an equal to his mentor. ‘The Danger Trials’ concept serves as a super-tough training arena, developed by Captain Man, designed to put Henry through his paces and give him an opportunity to shine.

It also allows us to free ourselves from any canon/story based constraints and deliver a wide range of interesting gameplay across four completely different games, that are still bound by a common theme.

The Challenges

Coming up with a creative premise that embodies the spirit of the show without directly referencing any specific storyline, that also gives us plenty of room to explore and justify a wide variety of gameplay styles.

We needed to find a way to make gameplay feel high-stakes without seeing Henry get genuinely hurt in any way.

Various imposed challenges that were the result of us pushing the gameplay design and levels of polish, such as the sudo-3D presentation of ‘Come out Swinging’ or the trigonometric complexity of ‘Photon Fusion’.

The Results

Four completely unique mini-games that offer something new to players across four distinct gameplay styles, tied together with the exciting premise of Henry running a gauntlet of challenges to prove himself to his mentor.

‘The Danger Trials’ packs everything from beating-up hologram training dummies, smashing atomic particles together against the clock and swinging Tarzan-style whilst ducking ventilation shafts and missiles, to frenetically guiding chickens (lemmings-style) away from laser-beam-shaped certain death by manipulating a light-bridge with your hands.

This game features a newly updated power-up system. As before, players earn their power-up through game progression. However, once activated, the powered-up state is maintained until the player makes a mistake (rather than being active for a set time). This way, the player has more to lose when in power-up mode, which further enhances the risk-reward dynamic.

‘Henry Danger: The Danger Trials’ is one of our favourite game sets and has proven popular both here in the U.K and across the pond, as it was requested by Nickelodeon HQ Stateside too!

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