Infinity Islands - Expansion One

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Bigger. Better. Crazier.

Now open! Infinity Islands boasts four exciting new rides! Return to the islands and play a brand new game on each island (unlocking awesome new swag on the way) in this comprehensive update.


It was always part of the original vision from Nickelodeon to position Infinity Islands as a living, breathing theme park, by keeping it updated with exciting new games, characters and unlock-able swag. 

The main aim for this first update was to make good on that vision by building seamlessly on to the original twelve games with an additional four that would fit right in and present unique, fresh gaming experiences that really expand the overall offering.

Our Response

Having done the hard work of creating the ‘Infinity Islands’ world in the initial project, this time around we could build on top of that and hit the ground running. We already had a bunch of great game ideas and couldn’t wait to start thinking about which ones would bring the most fun and best reinforce the existing set!

As a fully fledged update, the four new games would also come with their own gift shops, complete with new custom collections of hats, tops and wacky accessories. 

The Challenges

Two of the games were for brands not previously featured in the Islands (‘I Am Frankie’ and ‘Find Me In Paris’) so we needed to think about how best to incorporate those into the Infinity Islands visual style, and which game types might suit those brands best.

Coming up with four new gameplay types that still fit with and expand the holiday-theme-park concept, but also push gameplay in new directions that give players a reason to come back and stay awhile, against a backdrop of an already huge variety of 12 established games.

The Results

We came up with a brand new game for each island, pushing the total Infinity Islands set to 16, that each provide an exciting new gameplay experience which stands apart from the initial set.

Players can smash down an endless series of ever-taller waterfalls in the ultimate log flume, battle cross winds and balloons high above a volcano in a daredevil sky-dive, fend off a barrage of ice mortars and snowball cannons in the Snowball Wars arena or drift against the clock in a high-speed, top down hovercraft race.

Each of the new games work seamlessly with the existing tickets earning system

Naturally, we’ve filled each game’s gift shop to the brim with a full set of wacky un-lockable items (purchasable with tickets) that add further customisation to the players in-game avatar. Using the photo-booth as before, players can now try a new ride, buy the t-shirt then show their friends in the online gallery!

The original Infinity Islands game set was released to great success last summer. This expansion sets out to reinvigorate the Infinity Islands experience and expand on the original premise, to offer players brand new content that pushes this mega-game offering even further. 

Featuring innovative new play styles and game mechanics, such as the real physics buoyancy-balancing of Waterfall Wipeout or the arena-based snowball shoot-em-up action of Snowball Wars, as well as new characters, and tonnes of new unlock-able content, we’ve enriched the whole gameplay experience, keeping players coming back to the islands for spring 2018.

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