Paper Racers

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Create. Race. Smash.

The Boomerang Gang have gathered together to see who’s tabletop paper-racer reigns supreme. Craft and decorate your own paper-racer to pit against classic Boomerang rivals in this madcap race-em-up!


Boomerang were looking to completely revamp their long-running Flash game ‘The Great Paper Chase’ for the HTML5 age. They were keen to take advantage of the broader reach and flexibility that the technology offers, whilst also pushing the boundaries and adding some fresh creative ideas into the mix to help shake things up!

Our Response

It was clear that Boomerang were keen to see a fairly dramatic overhaul in terms of presentation and gameplay. We took the opportunity to pitch something that would provide more depth, nuance and replay-ability as well as wow visually, with a 3D based paper-cut out aesthetic.

Having grown up with classic characters such as Wile e Coyote and Tom & Jerry, now featuring in this game, we were determined inject it with a healthy dose of that old school energy. We wanted the game to feel suitably over the top and feature larger than life characters, crazy power-ups, high-energy animations, a vibrant visual style and caffeinated soundtrack!  

The Challenges

Deciding to build the racing element within a 3D projection system, coupled with a physics engine, meant we had some technical hurdles to overcome. How do we keep the game running smoothly when we have so much going on?

The crafting side of the game is choc full of painting, stickers, masks, wheels, different car shapes and bolt-on accessories. All of these options would need to be catered for and centrally managed so that players can race with the exact car they just made as well as come back and pick up where they left off in a different session.

The Results

In its previous incarnations, this high-octane mashup of crafting and racing proved to be a successful formula with players. What we’ve done is bring the concept forward into the HTML5 world, stack it full of the latest technology and turn the level of creative freedom and arcade-racer mayhem right up!

Players can pick a team from classic favourites like Scooby & Shaggy or Bugs & Daffy, craft a unique paper racing machine, then hit the racetrack. Wether its the wild west (in the living room) the frozen arctic (the bathroom) or the busy inner city (the garage) there’s ice, oil slicks, chewing gum and bombs to watch out for and lots of coins, boost ramps and power-ups to collect!

Collecting a pulsating purple power-gem lets the player call on a team-mate to loom over the table-top racing action, and intervene by taking out an opponent. Smash a rival as flat as a pancake by having tweety Pie drop an anvil on their head or have Wile e Coyote blow them to smithereens by tossing a huge stick of Acme brand dynamite into their path! In Paper Racers, it’ll all about winning races!

Players collect coins and unlock achievements as they race, which feedback into the crafting side of the game by unlocking cool character-branded stickers and new sets of wheels. The wheels are more than decorative upgrades, equipping players with more speed, grip and of course, a greater ability to bash opponents into oncoming obstacles!

Having recently finished translating the game into 15 languages, we hope players around the world enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed building it!

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