PJ Masks - Mountain Mayhem

A Mountain of Sticky Splatty Mayhem!

The Ninjalinos are back and this time, they’re messing with a whole volcano of Sticky Splat! Only the PJ Masks can stop it all from blowing up, or can they?


eOne were looking to commission a fourth game for the PJ Masks set, that would coincide with a new range of toys based on the fan-favourite ‘Mystery Mountain’ location featured in several episodes from season 2. 

Other than the location and the need for the game to fit in with the previous three, the brief was fairly open, so we set to work looking through the relevant episodes and coming up with ideas.

Our Response

In the spirit of the previous three games, we wanted to keep the character selection, the simple controls and the focus on a climactic face off with a well known villain, so we looked for a storyline involving the mountain that could serve as the right narrative backdrop. 

We simultaneously started thinking about a new gameplay mechanic that would be just as simple for players to get to grips with as before, but that really pushes the level of excitement and challenge for players, with fast paced interaction and a rising sense of peril!

The Challenges

Assembling the storyline, villain and gameplay mechanic that would satisfy multiple criteria at once was always going to be tricky. We needed something that first and foremost, maximised use of the mountain location, and the core purpose and features of the mountain. We then needed the right villain encounter that would provide the necessary narrative climax and wouldn’t repeat anything from the previous three games and we needed the gameplay to feel completely different, preferably with a different perspective on the action as the last two games were presented side-on.

It was a challenge of our own making to make sure that we not only meet, but surpass the standards of the previous three games in terms of fun, intensity and presentation polish!

The Results

We chose the episode ‘Gekko vs. the Splatcano’ as our inspiration as it came with the kind of high-stakes momentum we were looking for and showcased the mountain beautifully as both a setting and an antagonist! Together with a return for the Ninjalinos, this set the scene for a new type of frantic gameplay that would see players furiously tapping their screens to plug fountains of volcanic splat via their favourite PJ Masks hero.

As before, we authentically recreated locations, props and characters from the show using the original 3D source files used in the shows production, and used skeletal animation tools to bring them to life with smooth and nuanced movements.

This game is all about speed and concentration. In five successive rounds of increasing intensity, players need to guide their hero to plug geysers of volcanic splat with huge boulders by tapping on each spout as soon as it appears, in a frantic, splatty game of whack-a-mole! The screen shudders with each impact and the music rises in tempo as the Ninjalinos use their ninja powers to thwart the players progress! 

‘Mountain Mayhem’ features multi-language support for release in multiple territories, and features the Peg stats system so eOne are able to keep track of how much players are enjoying the game.

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