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What’s that weird sound?

A new island is open for business, and it’s out of this world! Four brand new alien theme park rides await…


Continuing to expand on the (now 16 strong) game-set of Infinity Islands for summer 2018, Nickelodeon wanted to take things to the next level and add a whole new island to the park! This would introduce both a new visual language and four awesome new games (including one featuring the live action Nick show ‘The Knight Squad’ for the first time) taking the grand total to a whopping 20!

Our Response

We relished the idea of introducing a whole new island to the set, as it provided us with an opportunity to create an exciting new aesthetic and introduce fresh gameplay mechanics that can take their cue from this new environment. We new it needed to make an impact and stand out from the existing four islands, so we began sketching out some ideas…

The Challenges

Deciding on the best creative direction for the new island. We had lots of fun ideas that needed to be whittled down, so we had to do some thinking ahead around possible gameplay mechanics and work out which of the proposed islands would provide the most opportunity for something fresh.

With 16 games currently on the roster, coming up with another four that still fit the overall theme-park concept, but would still feel completely different was quite a challenge. We wanted make these games completely novel and interesting whilst still being able to ground them in the umbrella theme of a fairground or theme park experience.

The Results

Floating ominously above a pulsating portal with orange waterfalls cascading into the surrounding sea, the lurid pink and purple Alien Asteroid island certainly makes itself known as soon as players start the game and reach the freshly updated hub!

Players can aim for a hole-in-one across gravity fields and through portals, annihilate escaping alien eggs with a rack mounted laser canon, pilot a seed-pod laden drone and drop its payload to strike a fairground-style high-striker bell or beam-up a succession of rubber ducks with an alien spaceship in our sci-fi twist on hook-a-duck.

The new games each have their own Alien Asteroid themed gift shop, stocked with a full set of Alien Asteroid themed un-lockables, (purchasable with tickets) that continue to add unique customisation to the player’s in-game avatar. As before, players can use the photo booth to capture a photo of their in-game avatar standing with their favourite Nick characters and publish it (along with their high score) to the online gallery!

The Alien Asteroid island introduces a whole new aesthetic dimension to the Infinity Islands collection and with it, creative justification for some unique and innovative new gameplay mechanics that befit the new setting.

Blending traditional theme park staples like hook-a-duck and the high-striker bell with aliens, drones, portals and other sci-fi essentials creates a space for some wacky new gameplay. Where else can you frantically gather alien seeds in your drone-mounted basket against the clock, or try to hit a hole-in-one by bouncing the golf ball across several blocks to avoid a gravity field and into a portal with just the right angle so that it plops satisfyingly onto the floating rocket-powered target platform?

Featuring returning brands (Game Shakers, I Am Frankie, Henry Danger) as well as new ones (Knight Squad), a ton of new unlock-able content, and the freshest set of games yet to grace the islands, we hope to have re-invigorated this digital archipelago for players to thoroughly enjoy all summer in 2018.

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