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Our First App!

Our HTML5-powered PJ Masks mini-game quadrilogy breaks free from the web and debuts on iOS, Android and Amazon app-stores!


eOne were looking to refresh their PJ Masks HQ App with a revamped offering that would attractively package the full set of HTML5 powered PJ Masks games that we recently created together.

Our Response

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to build our first app and determined to justify the level of trust placed in us by eOne. 

It was hugely important for us to ensure a smooth and professional experience for our client and deliver a great result, so we spent time researching the various ways we could deliver this and presented the pro’s and con’s of each.

The Challenges

The main challenge was to come up with a technical solution that would seamlessly package our HTML5 powered games for distribution across all 3 major App platforms (Android, iOS and Amazon) from a single build. How would we ensure a consistent experience across such a broad range of devices and platforms?

There was also a desire to have App-level control for some functionality such ‘mute’ and ‘pause’. The games were never designed to be controlled externally, so we needed to work out how best to approach and implement this.

The Results

Using the brand’s central maxim (‘Into the night to save the day!’) as inspiration, the app opens with an animated shot of the PJ Masks city. The sun sets as the moon rises, and night falls, setting the stage for the PJ Masks to spring into action!

Players can smoothly swipe left and right to choose a game, access a top-level settings screen for global mute and language selection as well as tap the ‘more games’ eOne button, to access the full range of eOne apps on their device’s app store.

The game view scales to maximise size across any device aspect ratio, and all games run with retina assets at 60fps for a polished experience. The PJ Masks HQ App is now available across all major app platforms, worldwide.

PJ Masks – Mountain Mayhem


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