PJ Masks - Sticky Splat Soccer

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Sticky Splatty Mayhem!

Rally the PJ Masks as they fend off a sticky-splat attack from the pesky Ninjalinos in this bright and snappy mini-game for Entertainment One.


eOne were looking for a simple, punchy, fun-packed mini-game to bolster the expanding the pool of online games for this fantastic pre-school brand, and tie-in with the UK launch of PJ Masks season two.

They wanted an experience that would allow players to pick their favourite hero (’Catboy’, ‘Owlette’ or ‘Gekko’) then save the day, in-line with an existing episode storyline from series two’s new batch of episodes.

Our Response

As this game needed to suit a very young audience, we started thinking about gameplay options that would only require simple taps to play and would work well on mobile and desktop devices.

We wanted to recreate the feel of the show and character animation as accurately as possible, putting the player at the heart of the action and making it feel like they were ‘playing’ through an exciting sequence from the show itself.

The Challenges

Finding a narrative theme to fit the game around that worked well, didn’t tread on the toes of any existing games and is also inspired by series two. As this was before the second series had been released, the details and assets available were a little thin on the ground!

It was important to us that we put together a game that both reflects the high-octane superhero thrills of the show whilst staying simple and easy enough to understand and play for the preschool age target audience.

The Results

This pint-sized slice of PJ Masks fun lets the young target audience get stuck in and re-live the moment the gang turns the tables on the pesky Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, as they attack the Mask’s HQ in a climactic sticky-soccer splat attack.

We looked at each character's unique stance and used skeletal animation tools to really bring them to life

Simple one-tap controls and bright polished visuals team up with quick-to-learn gameplay, a snappy introduction and instant replays to deliver a fast paced, low friction experience that has players deflecting splats left, right and centre with their fave hero almost immediately.

We built the game to be multi-language compatible so it could be released in over 15 different languages around the world.

Finally we added our new Peg stats system to this game for eOne, which allows them to log in and inspect not only core telemetrics such as unique visitor numbers and visitor device, but also detailed custom stats such as average time spent playing, number of replays per session and which character was most popular!

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