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Playful Experimenting.

Join Kit & Pup on a journey through the ‘World of Opposites’ as they take part in playful experiments in this delightful preschool experience for CBeebies.


As a brand-new preschool show for little scientists, Kit & Pup was well suited to being turned into a gentle interactive experience that would help support the launch of this delightful show, allowing young players to get to grips with the characters and basic scientific concepts themselves.

CBeebies asked us to help bring this to life using their in-house IVOR game engine, with a brief to encapsulate the pacing and structure of the episodes in a series of small, simple interactions that explored the show’s theme of matching opposites.

Our Response

Having gained access to pre-screened episodes, we were able to absorb the charming style and tone of the animated portions of the show and aim to mirror that in our game.

We wanted to feature a wide range of different opposite pairings, such as ‘Big & Small’ and ‘Near & Far’ and find a way to sort them into themed areas that feature in the show (such as the beach or the park) so the whole experience would feel more like an adventure and the very young players would find it simpler to navigate.

The Challenges

The main challenge was the process of matching an available interaction blueprint from CBeebies’ in-house game engine to a Kit & Pup opposite-pairing from the show, that would also make sense taking place at one of the three themed environments.

Finding new ways to push the limitations of the engine to make the most of what it could do and present an interesting and distinct experience for players.

The Results

‘Kit & Pup: World of Opposites’ serves up a selection of twelve short, sweet interactions, spread across the Park, the Beach and the Snowy Mountains, that mirror the show’s gentle approach to understanding simple observational science in the world around us.

We’ve faithfully recreated the uniquely cute aesthetic and sense of humour, packaged simple explorative gameplay into easily digestible chunks and presented them in a themed set that the audience can dive into with a simple tap, wether on a mobile device or a traditional computer.

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