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Save the City!

Leap into action to defend the city from a barrage of Luna Girl’s mind-controlling Moonfizzle balls in this third instalment of our PJ Masks mini-game series.


Following on from ‘Howling Havoc’, eOne were looking for the third game to feature a different PJ Masks villain from season two (Luna Girl) and introduce a totally fresh game mechanic for season 2, that would help set it apart from the previous games.

The overall formula was to be retained, helping fans of the first two games feel immediately at home and providing a clear third chapter in a cohesive trilogy.

Our Response

Hitting our stride with these games now, we already had a few ideas for new gameplay options and settings that we thought might work well for Luna Girl, and that upped the ante for players a little.

It was important to maintain the same high standard of visual design, animation and audio but move the gameplay on to offer something fresh. We were always well aware that the target audience is very young, so the player-game interface needed to remain highly intuitive and uncomplicated.

The Challenges

Our idea for a shape-drawing based gameplay interface meant building a system that would accurately asses wether players had draw the right shape or not, in a way that was forgiving enough but still provided structure and challenge. getting this right took a few different system designs and plenty of tweaking!

Getting the pacing right was another areas we needed to be careful as we wanted to allow enough time for players to be able to draw the shapes, whilst still keeping the pressure building to provide a thrilling gameplay challenge.

The Results

Using the episode ‘Moonfizzle Balls’ for inspiration, we crafted a one-on-one rooftop showdown, with Luna Girl facing off against your favourite PJ Masks character. Luna Girl dishes out moonfizzle balls at an ever increasing rate, hoping to moonfizzle the whole town! With only you standing in her way, you must use your PJ powers to safely deflect the balls into a nearby trash can, and even straight back at her!

As before, we authentically recreated locations, props and characters from the show using the original 3D source files used in the shows production, and used skeletal animation tools to bring them to life with smooth and nuanced movements.

As with the previous PJ Masks games, we continue to adopt on a one-touch approach, requiring a single finger (or mouse pointer) to play, with no on-screen buttons or controls. Instead players are asked to draw simple shapes such as lines, squares and triangles, against the clock and with increasing complexity to deflect the Moonfizzle balls.

‘Moonfizzle Madness’ features multi-language support for release in multiple territories, and features the Peg stats system so eOne are able to keep track of how much players are enjoying the game.

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